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Seaview Collection

Seaview Collection

Featuring a relaxed blend of warm textures and sophisticated style, our Seaview Collection for boys uniquely transitions to any décor. If you find yourself inspired to create a sleek urban loft, ski chalet for your teenager, a rustic beach or lake hangout for your tween or simply a warm and inviting room for your toddler, our Seaview Collection is the perfect solution. Seaview's ability to adapt to any environment is a testament to its simple styling and beautiful finish.

Manufactured from solid Pine wood, the Seaview Collection is available in a Driftwood or Espresso finish. Our unique finishing process further enhances the natural beauty of the finish and results in a piece of furniture poised to transition through the years with your child.

Seaview Collection Finish Details

Over time, a wooden surface left outdoors will naturally be stripped of its weakest elements by wind, rain, and the strength of Mother Nature, leaving behind a stronger, more durable surface. When subjected to this natural abuse, over time the wood will also develop a beautiful rustic patina. The 9 step unique finishing process used on our Seaview Collection replicates this natural process, resulting in a finish that can stand up to even the harshest environments, making it perfectly suited for kids furniture.

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