Bed Bugs in Your Child’s Mattress, Part 2

Posted on 09/05/2015

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While there are many myths surrounding bed bugs, infestations of these tiny pests are, unfortunately, on the rise in the United States. Some experts believe the recent increase to be linked to lack of knowledge about how to prevent infestations and increased travel, along with ineffective pest control practices. Despite the rising number of bed bugs within our country, infestations are both preventable and treatable.

General Prevention

Selecting light-colored, protective mattress and pillow covers can make it more difficult for bed bugs to hide. You’ll want a high-quality product that resists tearing, and you should check it regularly for holes. The light color makes it easier to see bed bugs, if they do appear. Despite their name, bed bugs do like to hide in places other than beds, as well. By reducing clutter around your home, you can reduce the number of potential hiding places for all kinds of bugs. Vacuuming frequently can also help eliminate any unwanted guests.

For those living in multi-family homes, you can protect your unit from bed bug infestations by installing door sweeps under doors leading to shared hallways and sealing cracks and crevices around base boards and other potential openings in the walls. You’ll need to take special care when using a shared laundry area, as well: transport items in washed plastic bags, and remove items directly from the dryer into a clean bag, waiting to fold them until you’re at home. High heat can kill bed bugs, so if you suspect an infestation, be sure to dry all items on high.

Effective Treatment

If you do discover bed bugs in your home, don’t panic. While you won’t be able to eradicate the pests overnight, you will probably be able to get rid of them in time. An abundance of chemical and chemical-free methods of eradication are available, and you will probably want to use multiple methods in your journey toward a bug-free environment. Preparing for treatment may include purchasing a portable heating chamber to treat affected items that cannot be placed in a clothes dryer.

An Integrated Pest Management (or IPM) is what most professionals believe to be the best way to eradicate bed bugs. Start by putting all bedding and clothing in the dryer at a high temperature, for at least 30 minutes. Heat other infested articles and areas to at least 120 degrees for 90 minutes, in order to kill all eggs. You may also want to look into monitoring devices to make sure all Bed Bugs have been eradicated.

As part of your IPM plan, you can secure pesticides that are approved for general consumer use, and of course, securing professional inspections and assistance from a Pest Management Professional can be helpful.

Like many household problems, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so be sure to take small steps toward bed bug prevention today.

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