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Decorate Your Child's Bedroom Using 2017 Design Trends: 3 New Ideas

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It's not just color trends that set 2017 kids' bedrooms apart from former ones. We think these three trends will be around for a while though, so taking cues from them won't mean a dated look that in 2018 will appear "so last year." When you pair these tips with on-trend colors, you can achieve a sophisticated, clean, and playful effect.

Wallpaper for the Win

When it comes to ways to present a unifying theme, today's wallpapers provide an ideal means to achieving a cohesive design. Unlike yesterday's wallpapers, modern takes aren't cutesy or flowery; instead, the fun, contemporary looks allow for all-over design without the dated look we dread. And by all-over design, by the way, we don't mean all over the room; simply using wallpaper on a single wall creates a statement without a claustrophobic or overwhelming effect. If you don't want quite as dramatic of a statement as an entire wall, you can use wallpaper behind a built-in bookshelf. Either way, you'll want to use it to inform your other color and pattern choices in the room.

In keeping with the growing trend toward rooms that are sophisticated enough to grow with your kid, most wallpaper styles aren't decidedly childish — but that's actually a good thing! Leave the favorite characters for easily replaceable elements like throw pillows and wall decals.

Top-to-Bottom Style

Today's color backdrops aren't limited to walls; ceilings and floors are places where thematic colors and patterns can make appearances, too. Ceilings can be wallpapered or painted in solid colors or with stripes or other patterns, providing a surprisingly dramatic effect. Especially if you focus on neutrals and are shy about introducing color, the ceiling can provide the perfect place to play with something bolder than you'd otherwise try.

With the constant in-vogue status of hardwood floors, statement rugs provide a fitting addition. Functioning to break up the floor space visually and to help create a focal point, a statement rug is an easy way to add more warmth to any room. Unlike paint or wallpaper, it can be more easily switched out, so feel free to go with something more whimsical than you might otherwise choose.

Bed-Centered Design

Especially for kids who have a hard time focusing on sleep, making the bed the main event visually may be part of the solution. Sometimes so-called "bedrooms" can appear as if the bed is just an aside, while studying or playing is the main event. Besides practical reasons for making a bed the focal point, beds can truly make great centerpieces, especially when you start with a vintage-inspired or other well-designed bed from The Bedroom Source! From floor plan to linens and lighting, you can make everything else in your child's bedroom visually point toward its namesake: the bed.

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