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How To Visually Warm Up Your Child's Bedroom for Winter

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We get it: during the summer months, you wanted to keep it simple. Throughout the toddler and preschool years, you had to keep everything bare bones. But if you're past that, you get to finally create something we know you've always wanted for your child: a bedroom that's warm and welcoming, with all the comforts we associate with "home sweet home." The Danes refer to this cozy feeling which we often associate with winter as "hygge." Whatever you want to call it, we'll tell you how to add a little more of it to your child's bedroom.

Incorporate Warmer Colors

Even if you're working from a neutral or "cooler" base, you can find ways to add some warmer tones like brown, red, orange, and yellow. Of course, wood furniture is a good way to add that warmth; honey finish would be warmer than most, but any wood finish will add some degree of warmth. If you've already chosen white furniture, that's okay! Just add in darker, warmer colors elsewhere. Think throw rugs, blankets, wall color, and curtains.

Allow for Various Natural Textures

Layering is a thing, for sure, but you can definitely have too many textures layered on top of one another. Here, we're thinking of throughout the room. Instead of a matching set or using all cotton fabrics, include items with various types of textures, ranging from fur to knitted items, baskets, leather, and other natural materials. Even a woodsy element here and there (deer antlers or a basket of nature finds, perhaps?) will add a welcoming touch.

Let the Light Shine

Some of today's energy-saving lighting can look harsh, rather than welcoming. You can find eco-friendly lighting that's warm, as well. Trendy, vintage-looking LED bulbs are even warmer still. And if you're finding it difficult to include warm colors with the room's existing color scheme, a light fixture that includes brass or bronze may be just the thing. Ceiling fixtures are important, but so are floor lamps and bedside table or desk lighting. Many designers encourage you to use at least three lights per room in order to add dimension and that welcoming, well-lit touch.

Fill Those Bookshelves

That minimalist look with just a few carefully chosen decorations on the bookshelf? It's not very inviting. Fill a shelf or two with books — preferably older ones with fabric or leather binding — and you'll give the idea that the room is meant for people to sit and stay a while. And who knows — maybe your child will even be tempted to pick a book up and — gasp — actually read it!

While you're adding these cozy elements to your child's room, you might want to include a woodsy or spicy fragrance in some way. Studies show that our sense of smell is most closely related to memory, and if there's anything all parents want to give their kids, it's happy, cozy memories of home sweet home.

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