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Camille Bedroom Furniture Collection for Girls, Part 4

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While the following pieces don't necessarily incorporate the more luxurious elements of the Camille Collection, they do include the same Daisy White finish and Victorian lines, as well as some pretty smart, modern features every parent and child will appreciate.

Camille Reading Bed

The Camille Reading Bed definitely stands out as the least ornate of the beds in the Camille Collection. (We looked at 3 others in Part 3.) Its headboard does include moulding that complements the style of many storage pieces; however, it's not quite as delicate and dreamy as some of the other bed styles. It does include something the other beds do not: a built-in headboard light to accommodate bedtime reading. The Twin sized Reading Bed measures 44 inches wide by 81 inches deep and 58 inches high, while the Full version measures 59 inches wide by 81 inches deep and 59 inches high. The footboard height of either is 23 inches, and both sizes can accommodate under-bed storage.

Camille Vintage Bunk Bed

The Camille Collection Vintage Bunk Bed provides a way to increase floor space without compromising on style. In your choice of either Twin-over-Twin or Twin-over-Full, the design provides a combination of features to accommodate both safety and convenience. Ladder stairs are grooved, and metal pins provide stable connections between beds. The removable shelf for the top bunk provides plenty of space for an alarm clock, book, and more. Either size Bunk Bed measures 81 inches deep and 80 inches high; the Twin bed measures 43 inches wide, while the Full bed measures 58 inches. The ladder requires an added 26.5" depth on the side on which you place it. Either size bunk bed can accommodate Camille Under-Bed Storage, and the Bunk Bed can be separated into two stand-alone beds.

Optional Under-Bed Storage

Most beds in the Camille Collection can be paired with either the Camille Rolling Storage Trundle or the Double-Depth Storage Drawer with Side Cubbies. The Trundle can be used to hold either a standard Twin mattress that's 7.5" thick or the included dual sliding storage trays. The Drawer unit includes an adjustable shelf in each of the two open areas flanking the single drawer and can be placed on either the right or the left side of the bed; alternatively, two units can be purchased, each placed on one side.

Like any of the Camille storage pieces, these under-bed storage pieces include English dovetail drawers made from solid wood that slide along concealed drawer guides. Safety features include soft and self-closing drawers and built-in drawer stops as well as removable drawer partitions and storage trays.

You can view many of the pieces in the Camille Collection at The Bedroom Source's Long Island Showroom.

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The Bedroom Source

Located near the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, The Bedroom Source is your source for the best collection of children's and teen bedroom furniture. From flexibly configurable Maxtrix furniture to fashionable Smartstuff collections, The Bedroom Source offers high end furniture and professional design assistance to create the bedroom of your child's dreams.

Contact the friendly staff at The Bedroom Source by calling (516) 248-0600 or by submitting our online contact form. We're a local family owned mom & pop store. When you shop with us, you're dealing directly with the owners. We professionally assemble everything we sell. We deliver to Long Island, the 5 Boroughs of New York City, Rockland, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey.

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