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Decorate Your Child's Bedroom Using 2017 Design Trends: Using Neutrals

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A few new design trends can guide you toward a greater vision for your child's bedroom design. From new neutrals and all-new takes on classic white to wallpapers, colorful ceilings, and attention-getting beds, we think some of these trending ideas will be around for quite a while.

Ways To Stay White

Arguably the favorite home paint color of all time, classic white is still on-trend in 2017. Even as versatile as gray and other neutrals may be, white still has the ability to uniquely provide a clean canvas on which to layer a wide variety of patterns and colors. For bedrooms in particular, white walls pair comfortably with soft linens for a fresh, welcoming effect. In 2017, one way white is especially helpful as a base color for children's bedrooms is that it can help the room's color scheme mesh with the remainder of the home. By starting with white, you open the door for using bold colors sparingly and resisting the urge to overpower the room with color. The combination of white with bright or bold colors is still a light and airy one.

One way people all over the globe are using white is the same way Europeans have traditionally done white, painting the entire room white — white walls, white trim, white everything. Another new take on white is to make it just a hint cooler, and go with a light, icy blue as a neutral instead. This choice offers a little more pizazz than classic white — but without sacrificing that fresh, clean feeling.

New Neutrals

For many, "Gray is the new white." For the past 5 years, grays have all-but monopolized the world of neutrals, and they don't seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Why is it so popular? Its versatility is definitely one reason: Gray can mesh well with both warm and cool tones and coordinates well with almost all other colors. Grays can mix particularly well with warm hues like pink, tangerine, or yellow for a fun but peaceful effect. They can also work well with other pastel or bright colors, which can provide a more kid-friendly effect.

Grays don't have to be paired with more colorful hues; they can also mix well with other neutrals like whites and wood tones. Mixing neutrals can create a particularly peaceful vibe that reflects Scandinavian themes. Many of today's parents are opting for more sophisticated designs for their children's rooms, allowing the same basic elements to extend from babyhood to young adulthood. By starting with grays and other neutrals, you can simply switch out bed linens and select accessories for an entirely new theme.

Gender-Neutral Colors

One more way to stay neutral is to make your child's room gender neutral, staying away from pinks and blues. Instead, for either gender, consider fresh colors such as coral, lilac, mustard, mint, navy, or red. And don't be afraid of bold patterns and colors. The matchy-matchy style is on its way out anyway, making colorful design risks more than okay.

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