Maxtrix Children’s Furniture System & the Must-Have Ingredients in a Happy Childhood

Posted on 07/20/2015

Maxtrix boys bedroom furniture

Did you have a happy childhood? Whether you did or didn’t, you no doubt want to provide one for your own child or children. Amid the varying opinions about parenting, most would agree about a few must-have elements in any happy childhood: safety and security, opportunities for play, and room to grow.

Maxtrix boys bedroom furniture

Safety and Security

There’s so much that goes into making a house a true home, an emotionally safe place that’s a much-needed haven from the harsh realities of the world around us. We’d be amiss to reduce our love and acceptance of our kids to mere furnishings, but maybe the furniture we choose can be an extension of the foundations we already lay.

The Maxtrix Children’s Furniture System can physically represent what you’re already doing relationally within your family, while contributing to your child’s physical safety, as well. Our bed frames are crafted from stable, real wood, and our slat rolls allow for moisture release while providing a foundation tested to withstand 800 pounds of pressure. Storage pieces coordinate, providing a coherent visual look that evokes feelings of security, peace, and wholeness. Especially as your child grows, such a visual representation of a solid, dependable home can be an extra asset to achieving your aims.

Maxtrix boys bedroom furniture

Opportunities for Fun

A happy childhood isn’t just one that’s free from injury or emotional turmoil — it includes adventures, imagination, play! As much as modern technology can provide diversions, today’s kids still need space in which to move around and engage actively in the world around them. Sometimes, they don’t have the space for that kind of productive movement, though. Maxtrix can help by freeing up valuable floor space by stacking multiple beds into Bunk Beds or raising a single Basic Bed into a Low, Medium, or High Loft Bed, providing space for storage furniture, a desk, or extra play space with an Under-Bed Tent.

Maxtrix girls bedroom furniture

Room To Grow

Because the Maxtrix System includes coordinating storage furniture that can function either as free-standing pieces or as part of a Storage Bed, you can keep the same basic pieces and rearrange or reconfigure the room, as your child grows. Not only can you lift the same Basic Bed into a Loft Bed or Bunk Bed, but you can shift your use of the under-bed space provided by a Loft Bed, according to your child’s changing needs.

You can also switch out other accessories, such as Top Tents, Towers, and Slides, and choose a variety of fabric options. While your child won’t grow out of Maxtrix furniture anytime soon, rearranging it can provide for much-needed change without having to buy an entire new bedroom suite.

Maxtrix Children’s Furniture System provides the basic ingredients that every child needs to be happy, and we hope that it can complement the environment you’re already establishing in your happy home.

Maxtrix girls bedroom furniture

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