Upcycling for Play, Girl Edition

Posted on 05/31/2015

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Perhaps the best way to offset your beautiful new kids’ bedroom furniture from The Bedroom Source is to include some fun, upcycled pieces you don’t mind if your kids personalize, a little bit. Think of it as a springboard for your own ideas, depending on the kinds of toys and play things your kids use the most.

Dress-Up Wardrobe

young child playing with toy kitchenWe have a love-hate relationship with dress-ups at our house. The kids love to play with them, and we love the imaginative play value, but the clothes-all-over-the-playroom-floor part? Not so much. Instead of a storage trunk or bin that need to be emptied to find a single piece, you can create a dress-up wardrobe using an existing dresser or entertainment center. The result? Each fanciful piece of your child’s dress-up wardrobe becomes visible to accommodate easy access — and make for easy clean-up, too! From fairy wands to princess dresses and even ballet shoes and cowgirl hats, this wardrobe can be personalized to create a spot for every single piece. Simply add hooks to the sides and baskets on top for added storage space.

Play Kitchens for Gourmet Kid Cooks

Similar to the workbench we mentioned in the “Boy Edition,” but much more popular on Pinterest, the trend for making a play kitchen out of an old entertainment center or other furniture piece is a perfect way to re-purpose a furniture piece whose use is pretty much obsolete. Even solid wood pieces can be found for a song, since most of us have no use for them anymore. You may need a little more skill or specialty tools for this one, since you’ll want to cut a round hole for a sink (really, just a stainless steel bowl). Be sure to ask around if anyone you know is remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, and you might be able to score a free faucet, hardware, or tiles. You can keep it simple or make it a work of art — either way, it could fit perfectly under our Maxtrix® High Loft Bed with Under-Bed Tent.

The Perfect Doll House

girl hugging her dollYou know those cube organizers? You can find them just about anywhere, these days. They aren’t usually made of solid wood, but they are much more stable than most budget-friendly doll houses. If you add a few pieces of wood for a roof, you can use remnants of real wallpaper, tile, carpet, and shingles to finish it off. Alternatively, you could choose a variety of scrapbook paper and fabric and use Mod Podge to attach them to the walls, floors, and roof to give a wipe-off capability to the homey look you’re after. For decorations, look at the scrapbook section of your local craft store for battery-operated lights and 3-D stickers that mimic home décor. (For a more gender-neutral version, check out this Firehouse!)

Are you suddenly seeing that eyesore of an entertainment center or old night stand in the garage, with new eyes? Now it’s time to look into some decorative painting options and techniques.

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